About MoYa

MoYa, sui generis - a kind of it’s own / unique in its characteristics, this is the essence of MoYa.

MoYa is a wholesale yarn company based near Cape Town, South Africa. MoYa yarns are unique, no two balls are the same.  MoYa is hand dyed with the utmost care in Somerset West, near Cape Town by mother and daughter, Hester and Martine and their small dedicated team. 

Once the seed of hand dyeing yarn was planted, Hester and Martine decided to take the plunge and started developing colours for the hand dyeing process. MoYa work with small dye lots, using different dyeing techniques, to create the unusual final colouring of all their ranges. After lots of blood, sweat, tears and yarn flying through the air, MoYa was born!  Hester and Martine are very proud of their truly fabulous range of yarns – loving what they do every day.  

"We have a passion for the yarn, the colours and LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing what people create with our beloved MoYa".

Pictured above from left to right are the fabulous MoYa team:

Hester and Martine mother and daughter.

Baba prepares the yarn to be dye ready. 

Nthabisa team leader, who does a bit of everything and specialises in balling the yarn.

Sylvia processes the orders.