Colour Inspiration #3

Colour inspiration can come from anywhere at any time of day. Last week driving home after the weekly grocery shop, I witnessed the most amazing sunset. I ran inside to grab the camera just as it was about to fade. You couldn't help but be impressed. I'm a bit of a dreamer and love looking at clouds and sunsets. I often wonder about the many people who miss looking up and out for these magical moments.

12 October 2015, 7.18pm, Sydney, Australia

12 October 2015, 7.18pm, Sydney, Australia

It's funny how now that I'm doing my Yarn distribution with Intambo, I am constantly looking at things with a view to matching and making colour combinations. The depth of this colourful shot had me instantly thinking of the lovely colours of Vinnis Colours

Here's my pick from the Bamboo SERINA Range with its beautiful glossy sheen. 

And here's a light and fluffy pick from the Cotton NIKKIM range

This is the pattern I think I'd love to make with these colours. The softness and drape would have you feeling like your floating away in the clouds.

A good old ripple blanket, so gorgeous to work up and down those ripples!

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The Fibre Art Resurgence

I remember as a primary school aged child, in the era of the Brady Bunch, learning the art of Macramé. Every mother in the district received a macrame pot holder made with corse hessian like string. Glossy coloured wooden beads in greens, yellows and oranges were woven in at intervals. It was fun, creative and rewarding for a child but how many pot holders does a mother need?  Not many, so I didn't really pursue macramé as a life career (did anyone?). My little pot holder had many uses over the years - pot plant holder obviously, onions hung in it in a bowl after the plants died at one stage and even the kitchen radio, one of those cool spherical designs in olive green hung in it with the dials positioned between the bead work. 

Who would have thought!

Macramé and free form weaving is back.

Some people who lived through the 70's may be shuddering with horror, but the works being made now are far removed from the original beige brown hippie creations. Todays fibre artists are using colour palettes ranging from monochromatic neutrals, pastel shades to brights and neons. Instagram and the blog world is full of inspiring feeds full of wonderful pieces. Search #fibreart #macrame #weaving and you'll get thousands of beautiful pics. The old wooden dowel doesn't really cut the mustard anymore either. Gorgeous pieces of drift wood and copper pipe add colour, texture and contrast to the finished pieces.

MoYa Organic Cotton- Bulky Plush comes in 15 glorious shades and is perfect for fibre artists. The 100% Organic cotton is hand dyed in South Africa by mother and daughter Hester and Martine, and their small team. The cotton is beautifully chunky but so, so soft with a high twist. The colour has a slight tonal variegation which gives great depth to your projects.

My dear friend Katie, offered to make some pieces up for me using MoYa and I jumped at the offer. She chose the colour 'Bella' as it would contrast nicely with the copper pipe she was going to use. The results are truly gorgeous. 

MoYa Bulky Plush in colours Bella - the blue, and Celine - the apricot                                                                                                                                The above photographs are shot against a beautiful painting by my better half @stevenbray_

MoYa Bulky Plush in colours Bella - the blue, and Celine - the apricot                                                                                                                                The above photographs are shot against a beautiful painting by my better half @stevenbray_

Katie is an extremely talented florist for hire in Sydney and her photography on instagram is superb. As well as macrame Katie is also into freeform weaving and basketry. One all round clever gal! Do yourself a favour and check out her instagram feed. Here's a little taste of what you might find! @flowersfor_kate

If you would like to try MoYa Bulky Plush, it will be available mid October in Australia from or for European stockist

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