Colour Inspiration Monday

I love flowers in all their colours, shapes and sizes, but weirdly I love also when they are dying and drying. I channel the late Margret Ollie with vases around the house, I have to leave them until they're stinky rotten arrangements. I love watching the changes to the colours and structure of the petals. The colours become less gaudy and brash and turn into more subtle powdery hues. The petals become like paper and watery silk.

Today marked three weeks since my birthday so the vases had to go. But before they were ditched, I had to have a play. The poppies were my favourite still in all the stages of opening. Their colours faded in some areas but intensified in others.

As soon as I started picking them out of the bunch I was thinking of matching them to the gorgeous natural coloured hues from Vinnis Colours SERINA. With so many colours available it was easy to make the perfect match.

What would you make with these gorgeous colours?

Thanks for stopping by!

Jackie x