Sweet Little Squares - Part 1

I'm having such a wonderful response to a current project I'm working on, thought I'd put it up on my blog!

Several months ago I came across a wonderful image on my instagram feed from the amazing UK photographer @hannahargyle and I instantly started planing a blanket based on it's colours using MoYa Cotton Yarn DK. 

Wonderful Image from @hannahargyle

Wonderful Image from @hannahargyle

The MoYa colours were a perfect match for the powdery pastel shades. Initially I thought of just reproducing the solid squares and laying it out exactly the same as the pic, and I may revisit this idea at a later stage.

It evolved at the planning stage to be slightly different though. The fun part was picking all the colours from what I had on hand.

Gosh isn't this yarn delicious. I just love it. The high twist gives it such a beautiful texture and the hand dyeing makes it so so special. The colours fade in and out ever so slightly.

And then the crocheting began...

I had a very indulgent weekend here, the weather was beautiful even a little cold for summer and it was perfect for crochet. My little throw is growing and is now slightly bigger than 7 x 6 squares. It's such a great little square to work up, not complicated and no need to sit with a pattern by your side. 

I'm not sure yet how I'm going to join the Sweet Little Squares yet. I'm thinking a hidden flat whip stitch, but then again a feature join in a colour might look good also. Decisions, decisions.

I've drawn up the pattern, it's a tad messy but you get the idea. Just three stitches used, chain, single crochet and trebles - easy peasy. I hope you like my #sweetlittlesquares and if you make some please don't forget to hashtag your pics so I can see them!


Isn't MoYa beautiful? Look at that lovely high twist that gives such great texture. And have you noticed the tiny black speckles in the yarn? That's the remainder of the cotton flower hard outer shell, it's been handled with such care and love, no harsh chemicals used in the washing and dyeing processes. It's all part of what makes MoYa so special.

Hope you have a great week and thanks so much for visiting. 

Jackie x