Colour Inspiration #3

Colour inspiration can come from anywhere at any time of day. Last week driving home after the weekly grocery shop, I witnessed the most amazing sunset. I ran inside to grab the camera just as it was about to fade. You couldn't help but be impressed. I'm a bit of a dreamer and love looking at clouds and sunsets. I often wonder about the many people who miss looking up and out for these magical moments.

12 October 2015, 7.18pm, Sydney, Australia

12 October 2015, 7.18pm, Sydney, Australia

It's funny how now that I'm doing my Yarn distribution with Intambo, I am constantly looking at things with a view to matching and making colour combinations. The depth of this colourful shot had me instantly thinking of the lovely colours of Vinnis Colours

Here's my pick from the Bamboo SERINA Range with its beautiful glossy sheen. 

And here's a light and fluffy pick from the Cotton NIKKIM range

This is the pattern I think I'd love to make with these colours. The softness and drape would have you feeling like your floating away in the clouds.

A good old ripple blanket, so gorgeous to work up and down those ripples!

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Jackie x