Sweet Little Squares - Part 1

I'm having such a wonderful response to a current project I'm working on, thought I'd put it up on my blog!

Several months ago I came across a wonderful image on my instagram feed from the amazing UK photographer @hannahargyle and I instantly started planing a blanket based on it's colours using MoYa Cotton Yarn DK. 

Wonderful Image from @hannahargyle

Wonderful Image from @hannahargyle

The MoYa colours were a perfect match for the powdery pastel shades. Initially I thought of just reproducing the solid squares and laying it out exactly the same as the pic, and I may revisit this idea at a later stage.

It evolved at the planning stage to be slightly different though. The fun part was picking all the colours from what I had on hand.

Gosh isn't this yarn delicious. I just love it. The high twist gives it such a beautiful texture and the hand dyeing makes it so so special. The colours fade in and out ever so slightly.

And then the crocheting began...

I had a very indulgent weekend here, the weather was beautiful even a little cold for summer and it was perfect for crochet. My little throw is growing and is now slightly bigger than 7 x 6 squares. It's such a great little square to work up, not complicated and no need to sit with a pattern by your side. 

I'm not sure yet how I'm going to join the Sweet Little Squares yet. I'm thinking a hidden flat whip stitch, but then again a feature join in a colour might look good also. Decisions, decisions.

I've drawn up the pattern, it's a tad messy but you get the idea. Just three stitches used, chain, single crochet and trebles - easy peasy. I hope you like my #sweetlittlesquares and if you make some please don't forget to hashtag your pics so I can see them!


Isn't MoYa beautiful? Look at that lovely high twist that gives such great texture. And have you noticed the tiny black speckles in the yarn? That's the remainder of the cotton flower hard outer shell, it's been handled with such care and love, no harsh chemicals used in the washing and dyeing processes. It's all part of what makes MoYa so special.

Hope you have a great week and thanks so much for visiting. 

Jackie x

Colour Inspiration #3

Colour inspiration can come from anywhere at any time of day. Last week driving home after the weekly grocery shop, I witnessed the most amazing sunset. I ran inside to grab the camera just as it was about to fade. You couldn't help but be impressed. I'm a bit of a dreamer and love looking at clouds and sunsets. I often wonder about the many people who miss looking up and out for these magical moments.

12 October 2015, 7.18pm, Sydney, Australia

12 October 2015, 7.18pm, Sydney, Australia

It's funny how now that I'm doing my Yarn distribution with Intambo, I am constantly looking at things with a view to matching and making colour combinations. The depth of this colourful shot had me instantly thinking of the lovely colours of Vinnis Colours

Here's my pick from the Bamboo SERINA Range with its beautiful glossy sheen. 

And here's a light and fluffy pick from the Cotton NIKKIM range

This is the pattern I think I'd love to make with these colours. The softness and drape would have you feeling like your floating away in the clouds.

A good old ripple blanket, so gorgeous to work up and down those ripples!

Thanks for stopping by!

Jackie x

The Fibre Art Resurgence

I remember as a primary school aged child, in the era of the Brady Bunch, learning the art of Macramé. Every mother in the district received a macrame pot holder made with corse hessian like string. Glossy coloured wooden beads in greens, yellows and oranges were woven in at intervals. It was fun, creative and rewarding for a child but how many pot holders does a mother need?  Not many, so I didn't really pursue macramé as a life career (did anyone?). My little pot holder had many uses over the years - pot plant holder obviously, onions hung in it in a bowl after the plants died at one stage and even the kitchen radio, one of those cool spherical designs in olive green hung in it with the dials positioned between the bead work. 

Who would have thought!

Macramé and free form weaving is back.

Some people who lived through the 70's may be shuddering with horror, but the works being made now are far removed from the original beige brown hippie creations. Todays fibre artists are using colour palettes ranging from monochromatic neutrals, pastel shades to brights and neons. Instagram and the blog world is full of inspiring feeds full of wonderful pieces. Search #fibreart #macrame #weaving and you'll get thousands of beautiful pics. The old wooden dowel doesn't really cut the mustard anymore either. Gorgeous pieces of drift wood and copper pipe add colour, texture and contrast to the finished pieces.

MoYa Organic Cotton- Bulky Plush comes in 15 glorious shades and is perfect for fibre artists. The 100% Organic cotton is hand dyed in South Africa by mother and daughter Hester and Martine, and their small team. The cotton is beautifully chunky but so, so soft with a high twist. The colour has a slight tonal variegation which gives great depth to your projects.

My dear friend Katie, offered to make some pieces up for me using MoYa and I jumped at the offer. She chose the colour 'Bella' as it would contrast nicely with the copper pipe she was going to use. The results are truly gorgeous. 

MoYa Bulky Plush in colours Bella - the blue, and Celine - the apricot                                                                                                                                The above photographs are shot against a beautiful painting by my better half @stevenbray_

MoYa Bulky Plush in colours Bella - the blue, and Celine - the apricot                                                                                                                                The above photographs are shot against a beautiful painting by my better half @stevenbray_

Katie is an extremely talented florist for hire in Sydney and her photography on instagram is superb. As well as macrame Katie is also into freeform weaving and basketry. One all round clever gal! Do yourself a favour and check out her instagram feed. Here's a little taste of what you might find! @flowersfor_kate  flowersforkate.com

If you would like to try MoYa Bulky Plush, it will be available mid October in Australia from www.littlewoolliemakes.com.au or for European stockist www.scaapi.nl

Thanks for visiting, hope you've been inspired. x

Colour Inspiration #2

Second in my Colour Inspiration Series. The Colours of Vinnis Nikkim, let you knit and crochet like an artist. Sand and sea colours. Love these sea blues, sandy yellows and greys together. You can't go wrong when taking colours from nature. 100% Cotton Yarn available soon from Little Woollie Makes Yarn Store and Woolarium

Original Painting by Steven Bray


What would you make with this lovely colour combination?

Jackie x

Vinnis Colours Love

How fantastic is Instagram?

About 4 weeks ago I started sending out little boxes of yarny goodness to people who inspired me on Instagram. Crocheters, Knitters and Weavers. The past fortnight has been an amazing adventure, seeing what everyone's been doing with their yarn. Thank you so much for all the positive comments and posts. It seems like everyone so far loves Vinnis Colours and I've been so inspired by all the amazing projects.

Thank you everyone that has posted their beautiful pics. I have received so much encouragement and support on instagram it warms my heart. It is such a wonderfully friendly community and it makes the world a much smaller and happier place.


Jackie x

Colour Inspiration Monday

I love flowers in all their colours, shapes and sizes, but weirdly I love also when they are dying and drying. I channel the late Margret Ollie with vases around the house, I have to leave them until they're stinky rotten arrangements. I love watching the changes to the colours and structure of the petals. The colours become less gaudy and brash and turn into more subtle powdery hues. The petals become like paper and watery silk.

Today marked three weeks since my birthday so the vases had to go. But before they were ditched, I had to have a play. The poppies were my favourite still in all the stages of opening. Their colours faded in some areas but intensified in others.

As soon as I started picking them out of the bunch I was thinking of matching them to the gorgeous natural coloured hues from Vinnis Colours SERINA. With so many colours available it was easy to make the perfect match.

What would you make with these gorgeous colours?

Thanks for stopping by!

Jackie x

MoYa - a kind of it's own

This week I received the exciting news that I will be representing the gorgeous MoYa Yarn here in Australia. Yay!  I first saw this yarn whilst on the beautiful blogs of byhaafner and crejjtion two very talented ladies, and I instantly fell in love with it!

It is such exquisite yarn and comes in the most glorious shades. I received samples of 6 balls from the Harmony, Confetti and Whisper range form Michelle at Scaapi. This is very special yarn - 100% Certified Organic Cotton, grown in South Africa. MoYa is hand dyed with the upmost care in Somerset West near Cape Town by mother and daughter, Hester and Martine and their small dedicated team. 

As you can see the yarn has a high twist and ropey structure which gives great stitch definition. It doesn't split as some cottons tend to do. The hand dyeing gives a beautiful depth of colour and gives an extra dimension to your finished product. It suits both knitting and crochet and would be stunning in the very 'now' craft of weaving. 

With summer not too far away these beautiful organic cottons will be a pleasure to work with making baby clothes, blankets, and all sorts of garments and homewares. If you're interested in stocking this wonderful yarn range please give me a call! 

Jackie x

And so it begins....

I am starting a new adventure this week, after a bliss full two week break on the South Coast of New South Wales, Australia. I've come back energised and invigorated and can't wait to get to it.

I've been a graphic designer all my working life and love every minute of it, but today I take on another career as well. WHOLESALE WOOL DISTRIBUTOR!! My favourite past time - playing with yarn - is about to become part of my working day. Graphic design will be my main job but there'll be yarn thrown in each day too!

For quite a few years now I have followed the beautiful blogs of some really creative crocheters and kept noticing a particularly lovely yarn being used. Vinnis Colours. After lots of searching for it online, I hit a wall. It wasn't available anywhere in Australia, New Zealand, or the Asia Pacific region, and the cost from online suppliers in South Africa or Europe was too expensive once the shipping had been added. I contacted Scaapi the wholesale distributer based in the Netherlands and after a bit of correspondence back and forth she asked me if I would like to become Vinni's wholesale distributor in Australia. The rest is history so they say.

Today I have received my first box of yarn! I'm so excited. I think the courier man thought I was quite mad. The yarn from Vinnis is beyond what I was thinking. It feels so soft, you just want to smoosh it into your face, and when you do, it smells so good. Sandle wood soap come to mind as well as far off exotic places. Sensory overload, sight, touch and smell. The colours across the three types - SERINA, NIKKIM and TORI, are beautiful. The hand dyed process gives a slight variegated or marbled effect which will add another dimension when worked up. SERINA has a beautiful shiny lustre, NIKKIM is quite matt and the TORI has flecks of both spiralling through the yarn. 

What really comes across straight away is the 'hand made factor'. This yarn has been made with love. It has been hand dyed and balled by women from an economically depressed rural area of South Africa. You can see which staff member has balled the yarn by the 'Proudly balled by...' sticker on each packet. I'm sure this care and love will show through in every garment, blanket, home accessory that is made using it!

Guess what I'll be doing tonight - hooks at the ready!

Jackie x